The B-52's on Good Morning America!

Elyse and I arrived at 4am to make sure we got front and center for this TV appearance. About 5am, another fan (Jonathan) finally showed up. Then some Good Morning America fans lined up not knowing who was performing! Then a little after 6am William and Jeremy showed up (2 more fans). So, it was basically us 5 fans, and GMA freaks :o)

William, Jeremy, Elyse, Jonathan and Kris (with a K)
holding the "infamous license plate"

The band soundchecking without Fred Cindy and Kate.
We didn't need them! We sang the words for everyone in the crowd :o)

Also during soundcheck. If you look REAL close, you will see Kate without her "wig" and makeup!

Also during soundcheck. And if you saw the show, you will notice Fred has a totally different outfit on...I liked how his shirt and shoes matched here (don't know if you can tell). And I also love Keith's stance here :o)

I wish these pictures were better, but my camera did not have a zoom or anything :oP
Elyse has some close up shots on her camera.
We are just waiting for her film to be developed!
So check back for more pictures!

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