Shelly and Kris (with a K) Saturday night in AC (Marh 1999)

Rebecca Saturday night in AC with the "infamous" WIG.

Tom Yaz figuring out what to wear to the Saturday night AC show.

This picture speaks for itself ;^)
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Fans of the B-52's

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Here you see Kris (with a K), Jennifer, Betty and Rebecca
(the 2 people with boas in the back are Cindy and her husband)

This was in March in AC.
L-R: {back} Tom, Dave, Kris, Alexander, Jen and Shelly
{front} Rebecca and Shannon (ssssssssss)

We made our own fun waiting for the B's in AC Friday night.
L-R: Kris (with a K), Tom, Rebecca, Shelly and 2 Ohioans :o)

Elyse dancing to "Hero Worship"
in the parking lot of PNC during sound check.