Kate signing Elyse's license plate
She signed it:
"You go girl on the AIDS Ride! Love, Kate"

Cindy and Elyse at the PNC show.

I wasn't quite ready for the picture,
but Elyse was so anxious she took it anyway!

But after the show at Jones Beach,
Cindy was gracious enough to let me re-take the picture.

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Road   Trip   2000!

The pictures on this page are part of the trips Elyse and I made to see the B-52's at the PNC Art Center and Jones Beach. We did not have a camera for the Camden show. ENJOY! :o)

Kris and Kate after the PNC show.

And here is Mr. Strickland signing the license plate

Keith signing a previous picture of him and Kris together :o)

Kris, Sara Lee and Elyse after the Jones Beach show.