The    B-52's    With    Fans

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Betty, Jennifer, Kate Pierson, Kris (with a K) and Rebecca
September 1998- Charlotte NC

March 19, 1999 Atlantic City NJ
The Keith Freaks:
Jen and Kris (with a K) loving Keith

To see more pictures of the B-52's with various fans
in Atlantic City in March of 99, click on the picture above.

Kate and Elyse outside FEZ in NYC
where Kate was doing a tribute show in June of 2000.

Keith, Kris, Kate and Elyse (on ground with license plate)
after the show at PNC Art Center in NJ.

To see all of the pictures of Elyse and I with the B-52's
on their Summer Road Trip 2000
(including pictures of the Bs signing the license plate),
click the picture above.

The following pictures were donated to me by Kerri!
She is a Go-Go's fan Elyse and I met at the NJ show...
She got to see MANY shows on the tour,
and became a B-52's fan in the process :o)

And the following are pictures of her with the Go-Go's
Just click on the highlighted link :o)
Belinda and Kerri Kerri and Charlotte
Kerri and Jane Gina and Kerri

The B-52's with fans have been seen times.

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