This marks the 5th anual Party out of Bounds in Athens GA (2nd for me). This year, besides the party, The B-52's performed LIVE, and mingled with fans. Please either click on the links here, or see the list below. If you have any contributions or anything, feel free to Email me! :o)
To the right, you see the GANG who travelled all the way down the East Coast with me to attend the concert and PARTY! :o) Damn did we have fun!!
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Shake that thing times!

A thank you from me to:
Shelly, Matt, Larry, Dave and Pat (so far) for contributing pictures to my PooB site for you all to see. Let's give them a round of applause :o)

Last updated: October 18, 1999

Party    Out    of    Bounds    5

Across: Patsy
L-R: Dave, Betsy, Betty, Kris and Jen

Athens Music Factory

Kate and Cindy after soundcheck

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Party out of Bounds 6!!!

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