The B-52's at Party out of Bounds

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There are some new pictures of the B-52's at PooB
added 10/24/00 and donated by Beth from PA (**NEW**)

GREAT SHOT! Above View of Cindy, Bradford and Kate
Their fans waiting behind (just look at it!)


Kris (with a K) and Cindy Wilson

Side view of the picture of Cindy and Kris seen above


David, Keith and Mark

Keith signing a poster on Kris (with a K)'s chest :o)

Kris (with a K) not wanting to let go of Keith

Kris (with a K), Kate, Pulpstress, Keith and Fred during the auction

Larry with Keith (with a K) heehee

**NEW Beth and Cindy **NEW**

**NEW** Beth, Kate and friend **NEW**

Beth and Kate (nice smiles on both of you) :o)



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